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Those little insecurities

Went to the YMCA for kickboxing and swimming again today. I wore my favorite swimsuit- this one-piece I got in March. I think it’s pretty nifty, although it does show off the fact that I really don’t have many curves. I know they’ll come in time, but being an impatient, bratty teenager, I’m kind of wishing I had them now. I guess you could say I’m just a late bloomer.

I guess you could say my lack of womanliness would be my self-concious area. It’s been like that since sometime when I was twelve, when my friends stopped looking like little kids and more like teenagers. Okay, so I’m not COMPLETELY flat- I have a little bit of shape. But not that much. And you know what else? I haven’t hit my period quite yet, which is also embarrassing.

You know how people say that they’re completely comfortable in their skin? That bugs me. I don’t think ANYBODY is completely comfortable with their appearance. Even the most confident person most likely has one tiny insecurity, although he or she may not admit it. However, I don’t think we should let these little insecurities control our lives. We should live with them the best we can, even though they may bug us (and they will).

I’ve met people who are constantly ranting and raving about their looks. They hate their hair, or they hate their eyes, or they hate their nose, and it’s all they ever talk about! I’m not saying that they have to learn their nose or hair or eyes or whatever may be bugging them, because that’s a very hard thing to do. You can’t really expect that out of the average person. But you should put up with them the best you can and try and make due with them. That certain little thing about you shouldn’t be the only thing you see when you look in the mirror. Try to focus on the good stuff instead of the bad.

Like I said, you can’t really become truly comfortable in your own skin. Nobody is. Everybody has those little insecurities. Everybody. But, like I said, don’t let them run your life, and focus on the positives. So how about you? Any stories you want to share?  What are your insecurities? I love hearing from you all. 🙂


May 13, 2008 at 9:44 pm 7 comments

The YMCA and… abortion?

So today I went to a kickboxing class with my best friend, Ariella, at our local YMCA. And man, am I ever tired! You don’t stop moving during that class for the entire hour. No breather. Just kicking. And punching. Even though I’m pretty skinny, I’m not a huge fan of exercising. I know- I’m a wimp!

Now, on to today’s subject- abortion. Over the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I thought I might as well get around to blogging about it. Being a Christian and all, I guess you can kind of predict where I stand in the whole abortion matter- I am pro-life. I think abortion is murder, I really do. One of my friends is pro-choice, and somehow she and I got to talking about abortion a couple of days ago. She, of course, said the the baby involved isn’t really a baby since it hasn’t been born. But did you know by week 12 that the baby is already very complex and human? My friend also argued that the woman should be able to choose what happens to the baby, since it’s growing in her body. But who are we to choose whether another innocent human being lives or dies? That’s not our job- that’s God’s. Terminating a human life for selfish reasons is just that- selfish. The baby is not just a meaningless blob of tissue- it’s a BABY. I was reading this article earlier today, and it brings up some very good points. But what really popped out at me is the abortion methods they listed. I mean, can you imagine the pain involved for the fetus? Here’s another good article on abortion. If you’re not totally convinced on where you stand in the whole issue, I suggest you read them both.

Anyways, the bottom line is abortion is wrong. It’s inhumane and cruel and it’s MURDER. And that’s that. Now, I think I should be hitting the hay. I think I may pass out anyways (kickboxing really isn’t my thing…).

April 1, 2008 at 10:07 pm 17 comments

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