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So right now I’m reading the Diary of a Teenage Girl series (by Melody Carlson). They’re really, really amazing. I feel A LOT closer to God after reading them. Anybody else ever heard of (or read) them? If not, I really suggest you do. I finished the Kim books, I read one of the Chloe books, and I’m on the second to last Caitlin book. You can get them at your local bookstore.¬†Here’s the cover for the one I’m on. It’s really a great teen fiction read, and deals with a bunch of real issues. The dialogue can be a bit dated at times, but it’s still a very powerful book.

Another book series I’ve been reading is the Katie Parker series (another Christian book!). It’s about a 16-year-old girl who’s living with Christan foster parents. Of course, when Katie came to them, she wasn’t a Christian, but that changes in the second book (sorry ’bout the spoiler!!). Right now I’m anxiously awaiting the third (it comes out in April). Unlike the Diary of a Teenage Girl books, the Katie Parker series is HILARIOUSLY funny. Here’s the cover of the first book in the series. This may be one of my all-time favorite¬†book series- the writer, Jenny B. Jones, has a real talent (and is laugh-out-loud funny to boot!).

Anyways, if you guys have any other good reads, let me know! I’m a huge bookworm, after all.


March 30, 2008 at 10:15 pm 5 comments

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