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Today I think I’m actually going to type up a Christianity-related post. Ooh, yay! I think you guys have already figured out that I’m a Christian… if not, now you know. However, I’m not the best Christian out there. That’s an area I’m working on. I think I’d be a much, much better Christian if my family had gone to a church conisistantly for the past couple of years. My parents just kind of slacked off on going to one (I think it started with their disagreement on what church we should go to in the first place). As a result, I went through my tween years without a good church home, and that really impacted my faith. I’m trying to regain what I lost, though. We’ve decided to start going to a church again, and I plan on getting very involved with the youth group. One of the things that helped me regain my faith was reading some Christian fiction novels- they’re really neat. I wrote about my two favorite series in a previous post.

A couple of my non-Christian friends are curious about why I’m determined to have and keep such a close relationship with Jesus. I think that answer is obvious- He’s my savior! He died on the cross for ME! His love is unconditional. Jesus cares- He cares so much He gave His life for mankind. And that’s why I’m a Christian. However, I’m not one of those Christians who shoves my religion down everyone’s throat. That’s kind of obnoxious…


April 5, 2008 at 12:55 pm 12 comments

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