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There’s no business like show business…

Well,  I haven’t written an entry recently. Why? Becacse I’ve been so busy with my show! It’s finally over… which is, in a way, bittersweet. I’m not too crazy about the fact that drama’s over for the year (although we do have summer drama in July), but then again, I’m awfully glad to be free! Yesterday was quite the long day- I spent about eight or nine hours on set. Got there at one to help with the drama 1 run-through (drama 1 is the class I assistant teach), and then the show. I was SO proud of my kids! Their ages range from 5 to 7, so you wouldn’t imagine that they could perform a 15-minute show perfectly, but they did. I was beaming for an hour afterwards. Also, the drama 2 shows, and the first performance (not mine- I did the evening show) of the advanced drama show, Death By Chocolate went great!

And, as for the Death By Chocolate show I was in, guess what? I didn’t suck, according to the rest of the cast! Which was a good thing, because, being the leading lady, I got a bit nervous before the show- and I never get nervous! Although my wig flew off during one of the scenes where I’m “undercover”, the rest of the show went off without a hitch, including the kissing scenes. I was elated.

However, what happened between the first show and my show wasn’t so great. There’s a guy in my drama class named Andrew who plays the leading male role in the show (he’s also one of the guys I have to kiss onstage) who’s been being quite awful to me. He’ll come up to me and insult me for no particular reason- just because he can- and he’ll just go out of his way to hurt my feelings. So last night, about an hour and a half before my show, I was sitting onstage talking to a friend when Andrew comes up, rolls his eyes at me, and tells me to “just leave”. By that time I was sick of the way he was treating me. I was upset beyond belief. This had been going on for several weeks now, and without a reason. What had I done wrong? I ran away to a private place and started sobbing.

Eventually I went up to see my drama teacher, Mr. Kevin, still crying and hoping nobody would notice. Mr. Kevin always makes me feel better, even when I’m really upset. And I’m glad to say we had a great talk. He gave me some advice I certainly need to keep in mind- don’t worry about the people who don’t care about you. They aren’t worth your time, and don’t worry about what they say. Focus on the ones who love you, because they’re the ones who’ll stay with you forever.

I think that’s the best advice I’ve heard in a while, and I really need to take it to heart. I do get hurt easily, but next time somebody treats me like dirt I’ll remember what Mr. Kevin said. Those people aren’t worth your time, so don’t worry about what they say. So next time Andrew bullies me I won’t get as upset. Remember how the old saying goes- sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never heart me? I’m finally learing that’s true.

I guess everything happens for a reason. And maybe the whole Andrew thing happened to teach me a lesson. So, Mr. Kevin, if you’re reading this, thanks for the advice. You helped a bunch.

Oh, and if you’re wondering whatever happened to Andrew, I’ll go ahead and tell you. I was talking to Brian, Karen, and Jack, two of my good friends, when Andrew comes running up with a look of sheer terror across his face. He’s closely followed by one of my best friends, Amy, who looks awfully mad. Andrew looks at me and makes a comment about how Amy’s really scary when she’s angry. I ask her what’s up, and she just looks at Andrew and points to me, and I realize Amy’s mad at Andrew for the way he’s been treating me. I go up to hug her, but she steps back and says that Andrew has to apologize first. So I finally get my heartfelt apology from Andrew, and I got several good laughs from Amy. I’ve never seen her so mad- and I’ve never seen Andrew so scared. Oh, if only I had a camera.


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