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Back when life was simple…

Today was quite interesting. Rode my bike down to the Target complex near my house, picked up a book at Barnes and Nobel (for those curious, it was “The Big Picture” by Jenny B. Jones- the latest of the Katie Parker series I talked about here), just walked around the complex, then finally sat down and read for three hours. I’m such a bookworm. After getting pretty far in the book, I biked down to Wendy’s and grabbed a hamburger.

Anyways, I sat down across from four girls who looked about eight. They appeared to be good friends having a playdate. The mother who was chaperoning the girls was a bit stressed out, and I don’t really blame her! The girls were quite rowdy. I watched them the entire time I was there, and I was strongly reminded of myself as a little kid.

You know what I miss most about being a little kid? My innocence, that’s what. Back then I didn’t have to worry about AIDs or the starving children in Africa or teen pregnancy or drugs, or any other not-so-kid-friendly matters. My world was a happy, safe, clean place, and nothing really bad could ever happen in it. I had my friends and my family and my school, and that’s really all I had to worry about. Now that I’m older, however, the world isn’t such a happy, clean, safe place, and I do worry about some pretty serious stuff. I miss being 8 and just breezing by in life.

Another thing I miss was the simplicity of my social life. I had two or three close friends that I hung out with, and got along with most girls. Boys, of course, were cute, but you couldn’t be friends with them. Sure, there were some mean girls, but they weren’t half as vicious as the older kids (which I learned soon enough). You had sleepovers with your good friends every couple of weeks and stayed up listening to the newest Disney Channel sensation and playing pretend games until your mother came in and said it was time for bed around 10 or 11 PM. Then you crawled in your sleeping bag and talked about everything from clothes to the boys you had a “crush” on- and back then, a crush meant simply a guy that you thought was relatively good-looking. Sometimes you’d have playdates with those friends and go to the mall or the park or to someone else’s house (with a parent standing by, of course). And maybe sometimes you’d go home together after school to finish up the small amount of homework your third grade teacher had assigned.And that was your social life. It was all so easy. Life isn’t so easy now.

So what about you? What do you miss most about being a little kid? I want to know your opinions. Thanks a bunch for reading.


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